All of the following, with the exceptions of CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE II and Arabian Prisons, were published in magazines and/or newspapers in the United States.  Many also appeared in other countries and were translated into other languages on all continents except South America and Antarctica.  Some are about the sea; some mainly about land.  Several are survivors of RESURGAM’s sinking and date back many years and describe conditions that no longer exist.  For example Suvarov Island is no longer uninhabited as it was at the time of The Seasick Kinkajou.  The dates shown are when they were written.

         Initially I presented them in no particular order, except that I put one of my favorites first.  Now the newest articles are found at the bottom of the list.

        The Seasick Kinkajou and other stories


        Love and Death in Uruguay

        The Best and The Worst Revisited

        Solzhenitsyn’s Advice

        Cape Horn

        A Sailor Lost in Texas



        Dr. Mudd and the Dry Tortugas  

        Adrift Part 1

       Adrift Part 2

        Adrift Part 3

        The Azores



        The Gulf Stream and Other Currents

        The Immigrant Ship

        Return to the Boat

        Hatches Open

        How To Escape

        Arabian Prisons

        The Last Degree

        Trying to go Coastal

        No Where In Particular

        Reclaiming a Sail

        On Becoming an Old Sailor

        Call of the Sea


        The Fifth Circumnavigation:

                Climbing on the Carousel

                The Big Empty               

                It’s Not the Sea

                Sailing to Africa

                Racing Myself


        35º 18’S  174º07’E:  The Best Mooring In The World


        Being Green

        Cruising Downtown

        The Cure

        The Elusive Nut

        The Bane of the Simple Life

        An Egregious Error

       Use Yourself Up


        The Good Old Days in Neiafu

        love of the thing itself

        Whangamumu or Bust


        Sheet to tiller steering

        The 700 Mile Corner

        Saint Helena

        Acceptance Speech

        Déjà Vu All Over Again

        Between Hurricanes

        Why I Sail

       SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR interview

       Lessons of the Sixth

        A Night in the Cabana

       The End of Being

       My Seventh Circumnavigation