STORM PASSAGE:  Alone Around Cape Horn

                    Kindle Edition                                          


    STORM PASSAGE  hardcover used




THE OPEN BOAT:  Across the Pacific  Kindle Edition

    THE OPEN BOAT  hardcover used



THE OCEAN WAITS   Kindle Edition

    THE OCEAN WAITS   hardcover used



                                           The end of the open boat voyage is found in

                                                CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE II and THE OCEAN WAITS  

                                                 Kindle Edition and .pdf

THE FIFTH CIRCLE:  the passage log and ‘Sailing to        

    Africa’  Kindle Edition

    The Fifth Circle.pdf

SHADOWS and other stories  Kindle Edition

   shadows and other stories.pdf                  




A SINGLE WAVE   Kindle Edition

    A SINGLE WAVE  hardcover new

RETURN TO THE SEA  hardcover new

I receive royalties from Kindle editions of my books and from new copies of A SINGLE WAVE and RETURN TO THE SEA.

PDF versions continue to be free.